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Urijudgeonline problem no-1001(Extremely Basic)

Read 2 integer values and store them in variables, named A and B and make the sum of these two variables, assigning its result to the variable X. Print X as shown below. Don’t present any message beyond what is being specified and don’t forget to print the end of line after the result, otherwise you will receive “Presentation Error”.
The input file contain 2 integer values.
Print the variable X according to the following example, with a blank space before and after the equal signal.

Input Samples
Output Samples
X = 19

X = -6

X = 8




int main() {
int A,B,X;
scanf("%d %d", &A, &B);
X = A + B;
printf("X = %d\n",X);
return 0;


1 Comment

  1. Rijoanul Shanto says:

    It will be better if you use AStyle Format in your code __ 🙂


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